350$ Galaxy Fold and why you shouldnot buy it


The galaxy fold that noone is talking about,i.e, Escobar Fold 2

By babayaga69

Not long ago,Samsung launched its $2000 phone,Galaxy fold.It had got alot of negative buzz in the beginning because of its structure but later on Samsung got positive review from people after it modified the fold and provided the modified version to it buyer.

“People are desperately spending money on the Escobar Fold 2 at $350.But the drawback is you are not going to get the product,not now,not ever”

Recently,a new company with a name Escobar.Inc was into lot of buzz.Firstly,because of its name connected to Pablo Escobar and secondly,it promised customer that it would provide its folding phone which was similar to galaxy fold.

As an irony,it actually was a Samsung Fold covered in a gold plated layer having the brand name Escobar which was discovered by tech youtuber when they reviewed it.

In their official trailer video,they were seen destroying the galaxy fold and promoting their fold hiring female models.You should check out their official trailer.Everyone was curious and happy to be getting a folding phone at such a low price tag.Little did they know,no one got the phone.The company was cunning enough to send the phone to the youtubers in order to create the hype and when the time came for the buyer to receive it,they ignored all of the customers.You can still visit their website which is fully functional and you can also place an order but you wont get the product.You keep on sending emails to them,they keep on ignoring them.

I,personally sent them an email but got no reply until now.So dont get into false hope,be wise.Ignore the fake hype and shop genuine.

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