Welcome to the Hall of Fame

Completed web designing projects
Completed C and C++ programming projects
Total customers that i have worked with
Total hours spend on Programming and learning

Google cloud certificate on machine learning

Fundamentals of digital marketing by google.

Google Ads Search Certification 2020

ICSI CNSS Certificate Of Completion

Cloud Computing Basics By Google

Python programming certification of Completion

Python Certificate of Completion

Pirple Certificate for HTML and CSS Completion

Sololearn HTML Certificate of Completion

C programming certificate of completion by our Bishworaj Paudel dai

Sololearn  “C Programming” Certificate of Completion

White Hat Hacking and Pen Testing Certificate of Completion

NSE 1 Network Security Associate Certificate

NSE 2 Network Security Associate Certificate

Cyber Security Curse of Completioon

GCF MS-Excel certificate of Completion


Nationwide Hackathon Participation

GCF MS-Word Certificate Of Completion

Getting Started with LSA

Youtube Channel Growth Certificate-Google

Facebook Business Page Promotion Certificate Of Completion

Some of the projects that i have worked on are:


My story

Born on 1999,I always had an interest in how any device would work and how can we modify it,how a website is made,how programming works and every other technological curiosities.I have been trying to mould my mind into programming currently and want to do something as a White Hat Hacker here in Nepal.