how to be happy

HAPPINESSHappiness,who doesnot want it? Everyone wants to become happy,everyone loves a happy person.So how can one achieve the peak of happiness?? No it cant only be achieved through money,education,success,marriage and…

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rules for success

There are only two rules for success.1.Never share with someone everything you know2. ..............CONGRATULATIONS,YOU HAVE NOW QUALIFIED TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL PERSON.🤣

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How to stop masturbation

Today,we are discussing about a topic that both boys and girls love to do,MASTURBATION.I know we all have that confusion whether masturbation is good or bad for us.Searching on videos,some…

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life is beautiful

MY WEED LIFE I was the youngest child of my family.never had i thought i would stay away from my mom and dad.When i was merely 12 years old,i had…

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top tiktokers of nepal

  Famous tiktokers of nepal    top 10 tiktokers of nepal Tiktok,which begin with is a famous app that allows the user to  make a lip sync to already existing…

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