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Happiness,who doesnot want it? Everyone wants to become happy,everyone loves a happy person.So how can one achieve the peak of happiness?? No it cant only be achieved through money,education,success,marriage and so,for this you have to make yourself mentally and physically prepared about happiness..I have seen big celebrities whom we all envy unhappy,on the other hand i have seen homeless people happy..So what actually cause happiness?

Happiness is a journey,not a destination.You just dont get happy all of a sudden,there is a long journey that that you have to travel,and on the way,you get and create happiness.The defination of happiness is completely different for every single person.For some,happiness can be success,name,fame and money.For some,happiness can be love,marriage,family,togetherness.And for other,happiness can be just free from tensions,sorrows and sadness. So,what basically is happiness?

Happiness can be defined as one’s state of mind where that individual  feels and attainment of positiveness,joy and achievement.And you might ask,why do i need to be happy?,i will have to die anyway?Look,everyone has to die one day,why not enjoy till we die.We, humans beings are the most intelligent animals of this planet and yet if we fail to remain happy then what is the purpose of this life?You might feel that your life probably isnt going well,but let me tell you WE ARE ON A ROCK TRAVELLING 1 OF 100 BILLION STARS.OUR SPECIES IS 1 OF OVER HALF A BILLION THAT HAVE EVER EXISTED.OUR CHANCES OF BEING BORN ARE ABOUT 1 IN 400 TRILLION.YOU’RE NOT SPECIAL,BUT YOU ARE VERY LUCKY.ENJOY YOUR AMAZING LIFE.YOU WILL NEVER EXIST AGAIN. 

So,these are the basic tips that worked for me to become happy,and i am not lying it worked for me.Life still has its ups and down but still i can enjoy the little beautiful moments and forget all the bad memories and moments.


As i said earlier,the life that we have got is very important.We are very lucky to get this life.So lets learn to be grateful for everything and everyone.You guys have food to eat,a roof to sleep to,internet to surf,what else can we ask for?Most of the people dont even have those. Be grateful for your parents for giving birth to you and raising you.Be grateful for your friends to have created such beautiful memories with you.Be grateful for all those bad memories,pain and sorrows,depression,loneliness that made you mentally strong and taught the hardships of life.


It is as simple as it sounds.The life we have is ours,we have control over it so why not do what we love? Follow your passion and dream and you wont have to constantly look at your watch to return to home.You will enjoy your job.You might or might not earn more money pursuing your passion but at least you are happy now.And if through any conditions,you cant do what you love then prepare yourself to love whatever you 
do.There is no choice,either you work hard or do no work at all.


Problems and tensions,who doesnt have them? All of ours life is full of tensions and problems and we all want to be free from those.Look,from the day of our birth life is always a tension. Its in our hands whether we want to overcome the problems or keep whining about it. If you constantly have to go through something bad,either prepare yourself,make yourself stronger or else adapt to it.There is no other way around.You always and always have a choice.When life closes a door,it opens another one so keep searching for it.


Every single one of you is unique and important.Lets others compare,but if you start yourself comparing yourself to others,then you will never get happy.There is always someone who is better than you but luckily there are more people who are worst than you.So,if you want to remain happy,just be proud of yourself and stop comparing. IF YOU COMPARE A FISH WITH CROW AND DISCOURAGE ITS INABILITY TO FLY,THEN IT CAN NEVER FOCUS ON SWIMMING.IT WILL ALWAYS TRY TO FLY AND STILL FAIL.LIKEWISE,EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN TALENTS AND POTENTIAL.IF YOUR FRIEND IS GOOD AT FOOTBALL,THEN YOU CAN BE GOOD AT OTHER SPORTS.NO NEED TO COMPARE AND PRESSURIZE YOURSELF.


Anger,it is the biggest devil one can ever feel.Simply,anger is the negative energy that you obtain through act of others and hurt yourself.You might have personally felt that decisions taken while on anger never seems to be fruitful.Words said to someone while on anger can never be justified and can never be returned back.So one must learn to have control over anger before it controls you.For this,you can try meditation,deep breathing exercise or do other stuffs like counting from 1 to 50,use stress reliever balls or anything that comforts you.Not only this,you will have to prepare yourself mentally to avoid taking decisions while on anger and avoid talking to people while on anger.


We might not have seen god but we do believe in them.We have faith in god.One never asks for something negative from god.If  having faith and trust in god lets you tackle your problems,the n why not believe in god.Everything happens for reason.Do your best to make yourself happy without having any bad intention of hurting anyone.And still if someone treats you badly,let karma do the rest.The negative energy inside them will ultimately hurt themselves.


Having faith in yourself gives you the confidence and energy to overcome any difficulties and problems ultimately leading to happiness.When you have faith in yourself,you dont need others to believe in you.The first step in achieving something is to dream it and the second thing is to have faith in yourself,then only you can fulfill your dreams.If you always need someone to suggest you and have belief in you,then you are a dependent person.Your life will be valid to other’s decision.


Happiness can be found in everything.Everything has its pros and cons,so develop a mentality to search for good part in everything. And if you still dont find happiness,then create it.By creating happiness,what i mean is you can do anything that pleases you and benefits others as well.You can do donation,work for society welfare,put yourself inside others shoes,help others and so on. If you develop a habit of finding happiness in everything then you will no longer have to worry about any situation.You would already be strong mentally to tackle any situations. 


Life we have is very beautiful,it might not be perfect but yet is so beautiful.It maybe full of problems,yet we all want to feel alive. That is the beauty of this life.Learn to live each and every moment fully,we never know when will death arrive.Forget bad memories of past,dont worry about future yet,just enjoy your present and live the moment.Life is too short for anger,ego,attitude,jealously so lets love each other and think for welfare for each other.As master ogway said,’YESTERDAY IS HISTORY,TOMORROW IS MYSTERY, AND TOMORROW IS A GIFT,THATS WHY IT IS CALLED PRESENT.’


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