How to secure you email

Why secure Email

Email is said to be the most  authentic and secured way of communicating between business organizations, person-person and for notifications.

By Babayaga69

Everyone has an email id which they use for personal or business purpose. Email is an electronic mailing service to transfer your message,data,files,photo to others.

It is very important to have an email and to unlock its full potential,one must use it maintaining privacy.

Why do we use email?

  • It is business friendly.
  • It has vast group of selection.
  •  It is lot faster than traditional communication method.
  • And above all,it is the most secured way of communication. Or is it?

We associate our Email id with many websites,application for daily updates and information. Some of the common platform that use our Email are Facebook,Instagram,Youtube,Tiktok. There are the most basic ones,an average person have at least 30 connections of their email with websites,applications,sign ups process,and many more. Suppose you are using @gmail,they all of your data are stored in Google servers. The data are well encrypted and not understandable by commoners even if they find it.

So how does your email gets vulnerable to hackers within these phase?

  • Hackers are always in search of content that they can penetrate and find a loop hole to get access to the root file. If the servers of the website or application where you have used your email gets attacked, all or most of the data are vulnerable to them which they can easily download. Although the data are encrypted well,hackers have to best tools available to decrypt the data.
  • The another process that might affect you data is through password spraying.Hackers can run spray test on your email,what does that mean? Spraying is a process when your email is tried with tons of common passwords and algorithms(Brute force),which ultimately results to access approval in most cases.
  •  The most common way you might get deceived is Phishing. It is a social engineering process where hackers create realistic scenario for the user to enter their credentials. ” You have won a lottery of 10 million dollars”, you might have received this message in facebook,gmail and other websites. When you provide your data in these type of spams,in a snap of fingers all your money and data are breached. 

If you want to know whether your data are safe or not,try using and enter your email.

How can you protect yourself?

  • The first and foremost thing that you should do is put a strong password in your every accounts. How do you know whether a password is strong or not? Well, strong passwords consists of:
  1. Password ranging from 12-32 character .
  2. Combination of  alphanumeric characters like ABCabc123.,!@#%^&*()
  3. Try avoiding  keeping your name as your password.
  4. Put the combination of lowercase and uppercase character.
  • The more complex your password is,the more difficult it will be to access your account. The password below will take more than 10 years to hack into: lokiujhy16578gtnv&&(mcxcn. Similarly,for commoners,you can put your password like: A1p2p3l4e5… Here i have combined the word apple with numbers and dot character with the presence of uppercase and lowercase.
  • Keep changing your password once in a while.If you feel like you might have been breached or feel suspicious about anyone,changing is the best way to be safe.
  • Keep the habit of saving your passwords in google.This way you wont have to remember all the complex passwords and if you forget them as well,you can get access through google.But be share to remember your google password.
  • Avoid getting into Phishing attacks,dont share your passwords in any sites that you feel suspicious about. Rather ,you can use a random email and password generator website for temporary email and password.
  • Use dual authentication on every possible account. This way, only you will have the authorization to have access in your account.

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