Thank you Ncell

The best help we could get from Ncell

During this lockdown, Ncell users are getting much needed services at really low costs.

By Babayaga69

As we all are well aware and conscious about the COVID-19 pandemic,it has been 5 days since the lockdown started for 7 days until further notice and we all have been facing internet issues,so Ncell came up with amazing offers to choose from.

It has been pretty tough for everyone due to slow internet issues from our ISP services like Worldlink,Subisu and ClassicTech.

Ncell management did a great service to all during this hard times providing talktime,internet services and SMS packs at very minimal rates with consistent networks.This has not only helped minimize the use of WIFI  but also the positive vision that they care for us in hard times.

                                                                                            Image source:Ncell

On 24th March,Ncell contributed 10 crores to the Governmet established Corona Virus Prevention Fund which is really a huge support.

Some of the best services that you can gather from Ncell during this lockdown are specified below:

  • Now,you can take loan  for upto Rs 80-200 depending on your sim card usage and your involvement duration with Ncell when your balance is low than Rs 5.Type *9988# for sapati.
  • You get 120% balance from Ncell on every recharge.The bonus balance can be used for internet,call and SMS  only upto 3 days.
  • Various offers have been introduced.The best offer you can gather from is through “Stay Home Pack” to encourage people to stay at home during this pandemic.


  • To know the various list of offers,type *17123#
  • Among the various offers,choose ‘Stay Home Pack’.Press the number accordingly to choose it.
  • This pack provides 15Gb 4G internet valid for 7 days and the cost is only Rs 293.This pack is valid from 12AM to 6PM daily(18 hours).
  • Also,for voice and SMS pack,dial *17118# where you can get 720 mins talktime and 720 SMS (5AM to 5PM) valid for a day for Rs 15.30
  • You can get night pack for Rs 12.77 (10PM to 6AM) where you will be provided 490 mins talktime and 480 SMS within Ncell network

The number for balance check is *901#

Also,ncell has modified its balance transfer features.

  • Ncell has deducted the transfer charge during balance transfer to null
  • Now,any user can transfer balance for upto 20 times for upto Rs 10000
  • To transfer balance,type *17122**#
  • You can also transfer the amount through Ncell app.

During this time,Ncell has asked its user to use internet paymnet facility for recharge like Khalti,Esewa,IMePaYPrabhuPay and other e-banking apps or through its official website.

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