best nepali movies to watch

Best Nepali movies to Watch

The lockdown seems pretty boring and monotonous,so we bring you some of my favourite picks from the Nepali movie industry.

By Babayaga69

Mentioned below lists is based on our personnel views and likings and can differ from person to person.All the movies mentioned below are freely available on Youtube.

As we all know,Nepali movies doesn’t have good reputation in Nepali or International market in terms of script writng,fortunately we were able to point out some of the well scripted movies.

Here are the list of movies that we adore,with a short synopsis:

  1. Saayad: Released on 2012,this movie did very well with the critics. The movie is about friendship,brotherhood and the impact of bad decisions in one’s life.The lead actors are Samyam puri, Sunil Rawal,Wilson Bikram Rai and Jharana Thapa.

My personal rating;


2. Chhadke: This movie was released in 2013 with Bipin Karki, Namrata Shrestha, Dayahang Rai ,Nikun Shrestha  in the  lead role. This movie is based on the life of a normal boy and his friends who were impacted due to the surrounding. It shows the changes that occurs and habit that he and his friends adapt.Also,it talks about betrayal,fight,brother-ship and politics.


3. Jhola: A 2014 made movie, it is an adaptation of “Jhola” article by Krishna Dharabasi. If you haven’t watched this movie yet,i suggest you first listen the audio version of this movie and then the movie. We have Garima Panta on the lead role. This movie talks about the Sati system and its impact on the life of the decieved.


4. Sadanga: Sadanga is a movie about gangster life,betrayal,politics and hatred beautifully played by all the characters. Having Saugat Malla in the lead role and Priyanka Karki in the supportive role and other well renowned actors,this movie is a must watch. If you havent seen Saugat Malla curse,then this is the movie you must watch.


5. Jatra: Jatra is a heist comedy Starring Bipin Karki,Rabindra Baniya and Ravindra Jha in the lead role. This movie talks about how everyone has the need of money and how far one can reach for money.This is a must watch for complete entertainment package.Part 1 was very well acclaimed by public and critics so part 2 has also been made but is not available on youtube.


6. Lukamari: Released in 2016, Lukamari is a well made crime movie where multiple police are living around each other unaware about each other with am ultimate aim of  finding the criminal. The main cast are Saugat Malla and karma Shakya and other well played supporting actors.


7. Loot:  Loot is a  2012 made movie with many well known actors.It was the first movie directed by Nischal Basnet and was greatly praised by public. It is crime thriller movie full of suspense and betrayal.There is also part 2 of this movie but  didn’t received as much hype as previous one.


8.  Chakka Panja: This movie was released in 2016 comprising of renowned comedy actors of our country. This movies packs a lot of comedy and entertainment showing real life scenario and condition of our country. This movie was a super hit and well praised as well. 


9. Kabaddi: This movie is one of my personal favorite.. This movie is based on a love triangle  where obviously one must suffer.Also,it has a beautiful plot and best acting by all the supporting actors as well guaranteed to entertain all. Also,it has part 2 and part 3 as well which is equally entertaining.


10. Talakjung Vs Tulke: This movie is based on one of the most unforgettable  moements of Nepal , “Dwanda Kaal”. Khagendra lamichhane,on the lead role is very mesmerizing to watch and other supporting character has added icing on the cake.


Some of other honorable mentions are:

  • Resham filili
  • Hostel
  • Pashupati Prasad
  • Dhanapati
  • Prasad
  • Bulbul

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