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  Famous tiktokers of nepal

   top 10 tiktokers of nepal

Tiktok,which begin with is a famous app that allows the user to  make a lip sync to already existing video or a new one.It has a huge fanbase all over the world and here in nepal as well.From the evolution of to tiktok,Most of the user have left other similar platform   and started using has loads of video editing features and its easy to use interface makes it worth downloading.

1. Twinny girls (prisma &princy)
Twinny girls (prisma khatiwada and princy khatiwada),we all love them right?the twins who have,in very short interval of time top the tiktok industry of nepal.they have highest number of followers in tiktok and most,they have highest number of followers in instagram as well.
tiktok followers=5.7M
tiktok likes=38 M
average views per video=2M
instagram followers(princy khatiwada)=183K
instagram followers(prisma khatiwada)=123k
  Another twin sisters,deepa and damanta have made it to the second place on my list.maybe we all have certain obsession with twins coordinating a well timed video,right? i love them too.the perfect bonding between the sisters is loved by all.they also have played in several music videos.
tiktok followers=2.2M
tiktok likes=24.6M
average views per video=500K
instagram followers(deepadamanta)=30K   
3.Amu Gurung Shah
 Going by the tiktok name its_amita_gurung,the funny and sweet amita is well known for her great acting and comedy video making skills.not long ago,she started her first tiktok and boom,she won all our hearts.she has played in music videos as well.
tiktok followers=968.7K
tiktok likes=21.4M
average views per video=110K
instagram followers=24.1K
4.Reshma Ghimire 
We can never forget the name of reshma ghimire when it comes to tiktok industry of nepal.she is the most famous tiktoker and oldest tiiktoker of nepal.
i remember,she came so much into craze with a video where she moved her eyebrows and won all our,she sings very well and has acted in multiple music videos as well.
tiktok followers=954k
tiktok likes=16M
average tiktok views per video=180k
instagram followers=150k
5.Teriya magar
Winner of DID Lil Masters,teriya phounja magar,is originally from nepal.people have loved her dance moves and acting on tiktok as well.
tiktok followes=565.5K
tiktok likes=4.4M
average views per tiktok=110K
instagram followers=241K
6.Alisha sharma 
Alisha sharma,dancing,acting,tiktok,you name it she can do it.we all know her as the ‘man magan’ girl.she has danced in multiple music videos as well and is also famous in far as i know,she is a well known  dance choreographer in Vibe and Wave dance,her dance and acting tiktok are really good as well.
tiktok followers=525K
tiktok likes=4.6M
average views per video=98K
instagram followers=22.9K
Known for her perfect and mesmerizing acting skills,she acts very well in all her tiktok videos and mostly does her tiktok on funny nepali videos.its shreya and amita who comes in our mind when  it comes to funny nepali tiktok.
p.s. i love her hairstyle
tiktok followers=500K
tiktok likes=7.9M
average views on tiktok=300K
instagram followers=95K
8.Usha Upreti
Known for her ‘chulbule’ acting and well known dance videos,usha is very beautiful and already made up her name in tiktok industry.she is very active in tiktok as well as instagram
tiktok followers=409.4K
tiktok likes=6.9M
average views per video=90K
instagram followers=7.5K
9.Manjil Basnet
Though girls have topped the ranks in tiktok,manjil basnet is an aspiring tiktok actor.he is very famous tiktoker here in nepal.He is the crush of many girls due to his all round acting package.He is even badged as popular creator in tiktok
tiktok follower=225.8K
tiktok likes=5.7M
average views per video=145K
instagram followers=27.6K
10.Dimon chhetri
Dimon chheteri,an aspiring tiktok star,known for his cute face,unique hairstyle and good acting,he has won hearts of many girls.He is also very active in tiktok.
tiktok followers=193.9K
tiktok likes=5.1M
average views per tiktok=200K
instagram followers=7.3K
I may have missed some of the names,sorry for,i have not included names of nepali actors and celebrities like Priyanka karki,barsha raut,prakirti shrestha,riyasha dahal,barsha basnet and so on.Also, this list was supposed for only nepal based nepali tiktokers,so i have not included the names of foreign based nepali tiktokers.another list will be published soon.keep loving.Thank you.

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