Pubg mobile Season 13

Pubg season 13 impressions and review

By Babayaga69

Pubg season 12 has come to an end after 2 months and its the beginning of new season. Everyone is very hyped about this new season 13. Followed by the leaks posted online 2 weeks before the release date lets find out if the rumors were true or not.

Season 13 is announced to release on 13th of May  at exactly 7:30 IST.

The picture showing new dresses and new character was leaked online. Also,new emotes was expected to come followed by the power rangers theme.Plus,blue zone was expected to be added as a effective way to discourage camping.Blue Zone will have the ability to reduce health on the place where it falls hence forcing players to continuously keep moving.

Above were some of the leaks of season 13. Following are the genuine pictures from season 13  and new features from this season.We didn’t get to see blue zone until now but might get added in coming days. Regarding the theme,customes and emotes,the rumours seemed to be true.Here are some of the pictures from this season.

As mentioned earlier,this season has power ranger costume and Nebula costume themed.

After completing the royale pass,you will be eligible to claim either 600 UC or 8000 AG to acclaim the next season royale pass.

The skins and vehicle design seems to have toy like theme.

On reaching royale pass 50,you will be eligible to choose either ice ranger or blue ranger.

On reaching royale pass 100,you will be given Nebula set.

The dress listings in the item shop have new varieties with cartoonish effect.

There are new gun skins available in the shop as well.

So these were the new features of Pubg Mobile Season 13.Lets hope for the blue zone as well. I personally like this season already.

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