E learning platform by Nepal Government

E Learning Platform by Nepal Government

Ministry of Education, Nepal has created a platform where students from class 1 to class 10 can now access to online video tutorials and articles for their subjects matter for free.

By Babayaga69

Lockdown is continuing to extend here in Nepal and it has greatly affected everyone  including students.Students were in the middle of their examinations when corona virus pandemic hit us.

Now,you can have access to over 100+ videos and articles in both English and Nepali upto class 10 for free by an initiative of Nepal Government.

The government of Nepal had been planning to implement this initiative just after lockdown began and its finally here now. The content provided not only limits to course study but also audio visual story telling to keep the students engaged and interested towards studying amidst lockdown. The website is created under the supervision of Ministry Of Education with the jointful effort of all helping hands for its implementation.The basic subjects that the website includes are Nepali,Mathematics,English and Science.

The user interface of the website is pretty simple and anyone can access it. You dont have to create an account in order to access it,you can have full access to the content just by going on the link provided by MOE.


The authorized personnel are also working on the mobile application as well for more easier access. This initiative can be considered very fruitful during this lockdown as well as after lockdown ends. It is the new beginning to E-learning here in Nepal.

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