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Enjoy the lockdown with "Akinator"

From actors to celebrites,politicians to fighter,singers to game characters, it guesses everything.

By babayaga69

Lockdown has been pretty boring and monotonous,same routine repeating itself everyday. If you want to try something new today,it should be Akinator. It has a variety of selections to guess ranging from persons to characters to objects.

Akinator is a guessing website and application which has the potential guess rating of 80%. That means 80% of the guesses match the the user’s guess.

How does it work?

  • Akinator has a large collections  of databases and questions from which it keeps on upgrading and improving daily.
  • The Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm used in Akinator is very impressive.Based on the probable answers selected by the user,Akinator moves forward to more and more probable questions,hence resulting to the correct answer.
  • Whats even more better,if the guess is not right,you can submit your own answer and Akinator puts it in their databases for future references.

How do they earn?

  • They earn through advertisements and also through paid version of the app.

Fun fact: 

  • In total, 400 millions guesses have been made on Akinator.
  • On average, in any instance of time, there are 500 user using Akinator.

You can easily guess about and find  Nepali celebrities as well . Celebrities like Rajesh Hamal, KP Oli, James Shrestha , Rekha Thapa and many others are listed there as well. On various 10 questions,it easily guessed Rajesh Hamal. It can sometime take time to guess your answer. It even asks irrelevant questions sometimes.  Nevertheless,you can definitely give it a try. 

You can download the app from

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