How do youtubers make money?

How to make money through Youtube?

Youtube has become a great way to earn money,the rate at which its users and creator is increasing is exponential.

By Babayaga69

Youtube has been around for many years now and more and more creators are being interested towards Youtube for part time or full time income due to its easy accessibility,convenient methodology and easy payout. Also, the number of YouTube users daily is in millions so it gives a lot of opportunities to creator to ear their living through YouTube

Youtube provides lot more than just advertisement to earn from it and gives various reasons to creators to continue using Youtube as their source of income.

So how can you earn money being a youtuber in 2020,lets find out.

Following are some of the scopes of earning through Youtube:

  • Advertisement; The prime and most efficient way to earn from YouTube is through advertisements,that was how YouTube attracted creator in the first place.The earning through advertisement can be classified into direct and indirect advertisement. Direct advertisement is the advertisement which YouTube puts before or between our videos through google adsense. Whereas,indirect advertisement is the advertisement that youtubers themselves put in their video either by mentioning the name of the product they are advertising or by sharing the link to the product in the description,also known as sponsorship.
  • Merchandise; Merchandise,also known as merch is another great way that youtubers earn money. Basically,Merch is anything that Youtubers sells to their viewers. Merch usually includes clothing items that the viewer buys. The money earned through advertisement is limited and is determined by google itself but the price of Merch depends on. An average Youtuber earns anywhere around 5$ to 200$ on each merchandise that they sell.
  • Donations; Donations are another great way of earning money and gifts. Most of the youtubers attach their addresses in the description which gives the power to its user to send money or gifts to their address directly. Also,Youtubers earn money when they are live streaming. The viewer can donate directly to the creator while live streaming. 
  • Memberships; Memberships is another minor but effective way to earn money. Youtube gives power to the viewer to become member of the creator they want for certain amount of money every month.Members will have special interactions with the creator through members only post. Also,their comments will stand out in front of normal viewers.     
  • Affiliate Marketing; It is another minor way to earn passive income through Youtube. Youtubers post the affiliate link to the product they have in the description and their viewer can buy the same product following that link. What this does is,every time someone follows the affiliate link and and buy the product,the company sends certain commission to the creator .

There are other various scopes of being a youtube creator from getting name and fame to earning good money so might wanna join youtube today.

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