How to share your page posts on your story

Share your page posts on your story in Facebook

So you have created a page and want to share the posts that you created on your story but Facebook is not simply allowing you to share it.

By babayaga69

We all know that Facebook for creator isn’t well optimized. It doesn’t let you share direct link of your article in story or from your page feed as well.

Page manager can get pretty hectic and even page manager doesn’t allow you to share page posts on your story.

You might have been getting errors like “The selected media cannot be open with the Facebook camera” or any other message.No worries,we got you covered.


Here are the steps that might help you:

  • Open your page feed 
  • Click on Overview
  • Then click on recent posts.
  • It will show all the list of your posts.
  • Press on Share and then “Share to story”.
  • Boom,now your page post is shared on your story as well.

We hope it helped.

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