Why Tiktok for Business?

Why tiktok is a big deal and major game changer?

Tiktok is a great app for entertainment as for business purpose as well.

By babyaga6969

Tiktok,or as we know it as musical.ly in its starting phase is a short video platform where users publish their short videos.The video can be of any kind whether it be comedy,magic,music cover,acting,or any other performances.

Tiktok has great potential in business advertisement and marketing.The users of tiktok is increasing in daily basis and has reached the competition of facebook and any other social media sites.

Started as a short video platform in unspecific genre,it has now millions of videos on different categories like gaming,acting,dancing,singing,business podcasts.magic,quotes and so on.

What potential does it hold in context of Nepal?

  • Tiktok can be used as the best source of advertisement in context of Nepal.Business organization in  collaboration with tiktok video makers  can make their content reach out to thousands.An avarage tiktoker of Nepal has active audience of 50k viewer which is a lot for advertisement.
  • Gone are those days where you print the pampletes  or banners for advertisement.The amount of people watching Televisions is also decreasing day by day.So what could be the best choice? Obviously social media sites like Tiktok. Every age group of people has a smartphone in their hands from which the advertisement could be easily shared amongst people.
  • Plus,the advertisement in Tiktok is not hectic and expensive as in like televisions,radio,banners and so on.All you need is text the tiktoker with your business idea and proposal,tell them the way you would like your product being advertised and boom your audience grows.Not only your audience grows,but they will have trust in your company as well since their favourite tiktokers posted about it.The business cost of hiring a tiktoker is far less than previous advertisements method and the audience is even larger.

Image source:Tiktok Nepal

Gone are those days when Tiktok was only used for fun. If you are good at creating content,you can work with business organizations and have earning with fun benefiting both the company as well as yourself. 

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