Monopoly of article writers

How article writers are misusing technology?

Nepal has already been a part of COVID-19 pandemic. Its high time we all be aware of the situation. 

By Babayaga69

During this crisis,we are not allowed to go out following our daily routine.We are in a state of lock down and the only source to gather information regarding any minor to major details about the Corona Virus is through communication medias like radio,television,newspapers and mostly online media websites and facebook pages.

Technology which was meant to help mankind to prosper in positive way has now become the cause of  panic and fear creation.

Some of the facebook pages and news article writer on online media are just creating panic to the people by spreading fake news and without a proper source for the information. Without any research,the article writer are randomly posting news just for the sake of their earning. We understand that  everytime one cannot get reliable news to publish,that doesnot give anyone the right to post whatever is running inside their mind. 

The fake news portals are so rapidly rising that government had to sent shut down notice to 36 news portals sites online which was spreading fake and unreliable news to its viewer.Some of them has already been blocked and some are in the process.

The website where you can gather exact stats about Corona Virus  is

Here you can gather all the live information about the deaths,cure,total affected for every country of the world.

Also,for Nepali user,you can follow these pages for reliable news and information:

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