How to create website in Nepal for free

How to create your domain name for free (Nepal)

Website is a great source of business strategy.It helps consumers directly connect with the business. Its not only limited to business,you can create your own portfolio website, video streaming site and many more.

By Babayaga69

A website is like a storage unit where you can put all your information,business ideas,portfolio,music for others to watch and interact with. Some common website that we use daily are Facebook,Youtube,Instagram.

Websites work. No matter what your business or profession, a website can generate business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages.

If you are willing to start your own business, make your portfolio available online to all or anything that you want to be accessible on the internet,website is the first thing that you would want to create. Website doesn’t come by itself,for that you will have to get a domain name, good hosting and design for your website. Lets divide in and specify each.

  • Unlike other countries you can get domain registration for free in Nepal.The domain  name can be registered online through for free. All you need is to provide them with a valid citizenship and an application for asking the domain name. This is the process for personal website. For business website, you will have to provide your company registration document  as well. The process takes somewhere between 1 to 4 days.

There are various cases where your application might get rejected.My domain registration was completed in 3 attempts.So here are some precautions that you can follow in order to get approved in the first time itself:

  • Your domain name should have your name and caste written properly.Yes,you can use short form of your name as well but the probability decreases.Try avoiding the use of numbers or any symbols in your domain name.As for example, if your name  is Prithivi Narayan Shah,here are some domain name examples:

    ✅✅✅approval chance=100% 


    ✅✅✅approval chance=95%


    ✅✅✅approval chance=90%


    ✅✅approval chance =80%


    XXX approval chance=30%

  • Now that you have known probable cases of acceptance of domain name,for second step,you will have to write an application like below.

Image source: self

  • While registering the domain name,you will be asked to write the name servers through primary name servers and secondary name servers.What does that mean? Name servers are the name of the server that will be hosting your website.Initially you can put any name server form free hosting available online which can be later changed if you want.You will have to sign up to the hosting service provider and verify your domain once your domain gets approved.For the initial step if you dont have hosting you can use

for primary and secondary servers. When your domain gets verified you can login to  to verify your hosting.

  • For the final step,you will have to put the screenshot of your application as well the photo of your citizenship.The photo should be well captured and it should be in .JPG file  extension. If the photo you clicked isn’t in .jpg then you can convert it through a converter app available online.

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