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Amazing Websites Series

There are millions of websites,not all of them are portfolio or business websites,Some of them are amazingly unique showing extraordinary uniqueness and creativity.

By Babayaga69

During this lockdown, i will be introducing amazing websites series daily where i will be uploading new and unique websites that you might have never visited with some prior information to do in that website.

One can show amazing creativity in their website through programming,editing,patience and creativity.

Today, i will be talking about a website call patatap .This is an awesome and unique website which has collection of 1000 of beats which you can just simply play and enjoy. From flute sounds,to guitar beats,to Dj beats,to whistling,it has collection of all. One just has to open the website and Voila,you enter the awesoome world of beats.

To play the beat you can simple tap on the screen or change direction while tapping for continuous playing. Also for changing the beat to different genre,you can tap on the bottom right of the screen.Every sets has collection of 26 beats and the genre are completely different from each other.Not only beats,the project has awesome visual effects as well for each beats which keeps on changing positions.

For laptop users,just tap on any alphabets from A to Z and press “space” to change the beat selection.

For amazing experience and great time pass,i suggest you to put on your headphone or earphone and enjoy.The developer has also enlisted the project on google play store and apple app store as well.

You can visit the website from:


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