Unique and Amazing websites

Amazing Websites Series

There are millions of websites,not all of them are portfolio or business websites,Some of them are amazingly unique showing extraordinary uniqueness and creativity.

By Babayag69

During this lockdown, i will be introducing amazing websites series daily where we will be uploading new and unique websites that you might have never visited with some prior information to do in that website.

One can show amazing creativity in their website through programming,editing,patience and creativity.

Today,we will be discussing about a website called pointerpointer.com .This is a website which shows us people pointing their fingers exactly at the place where you have your cursor on.Suppose you put the cursor at the top left corner then the website will show you the image of a person pointing his/her finger on that direction.The working is pretty simple,you just move the cursor and it shows you the result.For computer users,you can change the slightest coordinates of the pointer by pressing movement keys.

How this website works is,it has series of algorithms and code that detect the exact location of the cursor provided by the user and on the basis of that cursor,it shows images that is already available in the database of its server.It has collection of thousands of images and even slightest change in the cursor shows different result. The main concern here is how  did they get those images. The images shown are the combined result of search engines,social medias and people participations.

You can visit the website at:


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