Basic Nepali phrases in English

Basic Nepali sentences

Below are some of the basic Nepali sentences that will help you communicate here in Nepal.

By Babayaga69

If you are planning to visit Nepal anytime soon and want to learn basic phrases before you reach here,this article might be the best choice for you.

Nepali language is not very difficult to learn. Actually,it is easier to learn and understand but hard to master.

If you haven’t read my previous article about some common Nepali words,you might wanna consider reading it first. I have put some common Nepali words and their translation in English.Follow the link for more:

After you have completed the basic Nepali to English words translation,here are some of the common Nepali words that we use daily:

  1. Nameste,sanchai hunuhuncha?
  • Greetings,how are you?

2.  Khana/Khaja Khanuvayo?

  • Did you have your lunch/breakfast?

3. Kati Bajyo?

  • What time is it now?

4. Dherai garmi/jado raicha yaha

  • Its very hot/cold in here.

5. Pani pyas layo

  • I am thristy.

6.Vok lagyo,Khane kura  k k cha?

  •  I am hungry,what are the foods available here?

7. Mero photo khich dinuna

  • Can you please click my picture?

8. Esko kati rupiya?

  • How much is the price of this?

9. Yo thau kaha parcha hola?

  • Where is this place located?

10. Hajurlai vetera khushi lagyo.

  • It was nice to meet you.

11. Malai tme ekdamai manparcha

  • I like you. (It can even be generalized as “i love you”.)

12. Sahayog ko lagi dhanyabaad

  • Thank you for your help.

13.  Aaha,Kati ramro?

  • Wow,so beautiful.

14. Tya gako kati parcha paisa?

  • How much is the price to get there?

These were some of the common Nepali phrases that we use daily. And as said earlier,most of the Nepali understands English and Hindi as well,so dont worry alot about communication issues. And dont worry if you confuse a word with other word while speaking,we dont mind foreigners. We are always ready to serve and help you.

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