Esewa has brought life insurance scheme through its platform

Life Insurance Through Esewa

During this pandemic, Esewa has collaborated with several insurance companies of Nepal to provide easy life insurance facility to its users.

By Babayaga69

The use of E-wallet is growing drastically due to lockdown. During this period,people are conducting everyday transactions through Esewa and other e wallets of Nepal.

Since everyone is using E wallet nowadyas,it was a great initiative by Esewa 

Putting this into consideration. Esewa with a collaboration with six leading insurance companies of Nepal has brought up scheme related to life insurance during this Corona pandemic benefiting people. 

The insurance companies that are associated with Esewa for this scheme are:

  • Sikhar Insurance Company
  • Prudential Insurance CO.Ltd
  • Lumbini General Insurance Company Ltd
  • Sagarmatha Insurance Company Ltd
  • Nepal Insurance Ltd
  • Himalayan General Insurance

The purpose of this scheme is to make people aware about the situation going on and benefiting people if suffered from Corona virus. The scheme has been brought for either single or group purposes ranging upto Rs 100000 when matured. This scheme is applicable only if the customer is diagnosed with Coronavirus after 15 days of paying premium. If the person results positive on Corona virus Test before 15 days of premium paid,then this scheme will not be valid.The scheme is as follows:

Insurance amountPremium cost (single)Premium Cost (Group or family)
Rs 100000Rs 1000 per personRs 600 per person
Rs 50000Rs 500 per personRs 300 per person


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