How to stop masturbation

Today,we are discussing about a topic that both boys and girls love to do,MASTURBATION.I know we all have that confusion whether masturbation is good or bad for us.Searching on videos,some videos tell us that it is good and some say its bad.Observing,both the reasoning  seems convincing.No matter the pros and cons,we regret masturbation after doing it.The fact that we imagine someone while masturbating and we cant control it  is disturbing to me.Not being able to control one’s body and thoughts,how can we have control over others.Some people do it once a day,some twice a day,some thrice a day and some people even more.Nevertheless,we all have regrets after doing it,so why not put an end to it? I have watched some youtube videos about that particular persons trying to stop masturbating and have control over themselves,and it worked like a charm..

Why keep doing something that only pleasures you for a minute and you have that spot of regretness in you mind for that whole day..I know we all have dirty little masturbating secrets and story,so lets try to control ourselves..

.I am on day 73 of non masturbation and still its hard for me controlling the want to masturbate but i am trying my best.
These are the tips that worked for me,all of these tips are self invented and works like a charm.

 1.Keep yourself busy

The most effective way to stop masturbating is to make yourself busy.Find a hobby,build a passion,do whatever that makes you happy.It can be reading books,playing games,
Riding bikes,photography,travelling,exercising.Whenever masturbation thoughts arrive,make a routine that you will do this and that..As for example,i used to do dancing for  15 mins whenever i would want to masturbate.You can do same with your hobbies.When you are busy in something else,your mind has no time to think about masturbation.Boredom is the major cause of masturbation,when you have nothing to do,you have masturbation to do so keep yourself busy.Plus,making yourself busy cause tiredness and fatigue in you so you have no extra energy left for doing masturbation.


Meditation also works like charm..Some of us have the habit to masturbate while sleeping and after waking up..What you can do is just take a long deep breath and release it slowly and make your mind empty..Just make your mind busy in only focusing about breathing and only breathing.In just some minutes,you will be asleep.And after waking up in the morning with extra bone in your body,just go and wash your face,sit and meditate and just focus on breathing.You wont get asleep but you will feel fresh..This not only helps stopping masturbation but also it heals you spiritually.

3.Make a video while masturbating

Caution; The result of this may be very disturbing to watch.
Some of us masturbate in toilet and some in room.Regardless of the place just put a camera and record all the moments during masturbation..After masturbating just watch the whole video of you masturbating.Most of you will feel embarrassed and some might even delete the video.If the thought of masturbation comes to mind again,watch that video but dont delete it.The embarrassment will eventually make you feel disgusted about masturbation.Or you can even try masturbating while watching yourself on the mirror,the feeling of lust will go away in the snap of fingers.

4.Reward yourself

This might seems nonsence but it works well.What i mean is all of us have needs and demands.Some of you might be willing to buy camera,mobile,watch,car,bike,etc, everyone has a demand in mind at any moment of time.So make a deal with yourself that if i dont masturbate for certain amount of days then i will reward myself this.The rewards doesnt necessarily need to be big,you can even reward yourself a chocolate or so.Eventually the habit of breaking the schedule of masturbation will control it.Plus,sharing from my own experience,i used to promise god that i wont masturbate for certain amount of days.In return i used to ask for my prayers to be positive and you know what,most of them used to be positive.

5.Make a partner and stay loyal

When you have a partner and you are loyal to them,you will not want to think of other persons to masturbate to.Plus,you can get laid with each other which has great impact on stopping masturbation.Being physical once a week or more,you wont feel the urge to masturbate because the body will find sex more  satisfying and a sex can stop masturbation thoughts for almost upto 3 days.
The above post was intented specially for boys but can work like a charm for girls as well.You will still get distracted even if you completely follow the above tips but have patience..I myself failed many times but at last it will worl like a charm.There were days when i used to break my non-masturbation lifestyle for controlling it for almost 2 months,it will happen to you as well.But dont give up,ultimately after patience and practise,you will no longer feel the urge to masturbate..Also not masturbating for long period of time will cause ‘Wet dreams’ in most of you,it normal and will go away eventually.
P.S. I have no negative or positive reaction for masturbation.If you dont masturbate,its good and if you do masturbate,its not a problem as well.We are humans,we have hormones,sex is the basic need of a human so dont worry if you still cant stop masturbating or having sexual thoughts in your mind.Thinking about anything inside your mind is fine,but never let negative thoughts have impact in real life.Your one decision could ruin others life.
Sorry to say,but if you masturbate more than 3 times a day and that too daily,you need to go get a life.It is not me saying this,but psychologist says that doing lots and lots of masturbation could result in having negative impact in your mind.

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