Unique and amazing websites

Amazing Websites Series

There are millions of websites,not all of them are portfolio or business websites,Some of them are amazingly unique showing extraordinary uniqueness and creativity.

By Babayaga69

During this lockdown, i will be introducing amazing websites series daily where i will be uploading new and unique websites that you might have never visited with some prior information to do in that website.

One can show amazing creativity in their website through programming,editing,patience and creativity.

Today,we will be talking about a website call Staggering beauty  The website seems simple with a floating black character(tubeman) hovering in our screen. What adds creativity in this website is that you can move the character here and there with the mouse cursor and also touch screen. Plus,if you move the character too fast in any direction it detects the movement and shows flashing lights for some time. The light might seem disturbing visually so either turn your brightness down or don’t move it too fast.But,i know you are obviously going to move it too fast so use with precaution.

You can visit the website at


You can even embed this effect in your own website as well.The developer has put the embedded code in the website itself so feel free to use it.

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