Zoom Hacked

Zoom Hacked

Video chatting and screen sharing platform Zoom has recently been hacked and compromised.

By Babayaga69

Zoom is a chatting platform where you can chat, video chat and share your screen with one another. What differentiates it from others is, it is specially designed for video chatting purpose.

Cybersecurity analyst discovered that more than 500000  data from its user were hacked and stolen.

Zoom has reached 100 million+ downloads in such a less time,maybe because of Covid-19 outbreak and “Work from Home” reasons. During the recent data breach,data like email addresses,passwords,host keys and meeting urls were exposed to the hackers according to “Cyble”,a cybersecurity firm.

Not only that, the data were sold for very less amount and even for free in the forums of dark webs and hacker forums. On this data breach,the data not only belonged to normal peoples but also big companies and institutions like Citibank,University of Colorado  and University of Vermont.

Actually,data breach was possible because of earlier hacks on Zoom and data were obtained through “crediantial stuffing attacks”. Cybersecutity experts says that the data begin to be sold on forums from 3rd of April 2020 and is still being sold. On recent interview with Zoom, they agreed that their security sophistication is not upto the level where hackers couldn’t crack it. That is why they have been victim of multiple data breach leaving its user vulnerable to hackers. The video calling in Zoom is not even end-to-end encrypted.

After recent data breach,Hackers were able to attend meeting,have access to user accounts and posting unwanted contents or abusive contents during the meeting which created chaos among its user.

If you use Zoom regularly for meetings and webinar and think that you might have been a part of that attack,you might wanna consider following precautions:

  • Change your password in Zoom immediately and enable 2-factor authentication.
  • Ignore messages that you might receive asking you to change your passwords following a link.If you have to change the password,do it through the app itself and not through some random message link that you receive.
  • You can check if your email has been hacked or not through https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  • Also,if you wanna know how to put a well secured password,consider reading this article.


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